Selfie with a Queen! #MotivationMonday w/ Jasmine Callis

Jasmine Callis

She is kind, discerning, and emits an aura of good vibes! She is making great strides in all her endeavors and she's not alone hence the #selfie She has the support myself and other men and women that are looking forward to her continued success! Your not alone either!  #icTheQueeninU #PowerfulWomenPhotoSeries #jasmine Callis #King&QueensWorkTogether

What Queens do you know? Join the conversation as we discover Powerful Women and acknowledge the ones we know. The woman here has been acknowledged for her Queen like attributes. Queen's are supreme by lineage and have the authority to address pressing issues.  Share this image with a woman you think is applying her authority to make the world a better place using the hashtag #icTheQueeninU