Attended - Philly Urban Creators Peace Celebration

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to vended and spoke about some serious issues going on in todays society and what I'm doing to help combat it. I have bands for sale that serve as an affirmation or an acknowledgment of one's self or someone reading the band. The Bands have the phrase #ictheQueeninU embedded deeply in it's eco friendly material. 

The Bands are a compliment to my "Power" Photo-Series featuring individuals forwarding positive efforts inference to humanity as a whole.

The Bands are a clothing accessory I've titled "Power-bands" due to the fact the bands are intended to "emPower" Your purchase of a Band supports my preparation to launch my SaeedsVP lifestyle Brand. Major shouts out to #phillyurbancreators all the other vendors and everyone who bought bands and showed love @Troilauren @asant_ @beauty84 @meliss_lane Pastor Grey Holston