What Unifies us?
Your answers to this will contribute to the expanding of our definition of family. This also puts you in the running to have you answers Posted on the POWER PROJECT instagram and Site!
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Sexual Preference
What is the highest degree or level of school you have completed? If currently enrolled, mark the previous grade or highest degree received.
Employer Type
Please describe your work.
Marital Status
What is your marital status?
Household Income
What is your total household income?
Are people humane?
Are people humane?
Definition of Humane 1. Having or marked by sympathy and consideration for others 2. Having or showing the capacity for sharing the feelings of another
Can people be Humane on a micro/local scale?
Can people be Humane on a macro/ Global scale?
Looking Forward
Do you think your actions and the efforts of others are bringing us closer to a more unified society?
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