The Visual Artist

Saeed is a Philadelphia born visual artist by trade, practiced in traditional and digital art such as painting clay and graphic design. His experience and study of media production and communications at Temple University have allowed him to become versed in various aspects of visual design. The Philadelphia Museum of Art has recognized and showcased his work.  Mr. Briscoe has had exhibitions of his work held within’ galleries, schools, and universities.

Personal Statement

Through his art, Mr. Briscoe aim’s to leave the world better that it was before he arrived. He is a traditional artist turned digital painter. Instrumentalism is a large part of his work. He is in the constant pursuit of creating functional art relative to the times, while maintain its connections to the mental, physical, and spiritual considerations. 

"I want my work to take people to a higher level of thought and action!"



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Abstract, Conceptualist, Instrumentalism, Portraits



ADVANTA,  Philadelphia Museum of Art - 1 prize winner

Dec. 2009

Tri-State Competition

460 Entries

Gallery was Covered by News Outlet NBC 10

1st prize winner 


TEMPLE UNIV. , Philadelphia - Gallery Showcase

MARCH 2015

Charles Blockson Library, Sullivan Hall 


OPENSPACE GALLERY, Philadelphia - Black to the Future Exhibit

February 2016

Exhibited 8 Pieces


SAINT JOSEPH’s Preparatory High School, Philadelphia- Exhibit Installation

February 2016 - March 2016

Exhibited 12 Pieces

3 week Installation


WEST CATHOLIC High School, Philadelphia - Exhibit Installation

April 2016

3 week Installation



URBAN CREATORS , Philadelphia - First Friday Gallery

June 2016 

Exhibited with six other artist



DIGITAL ART GALLERY , Philadelphia - First Friday Gallery

July 2016 

Exhibited with six other artist

Themed Exhibit

DIGITAL ART GALLERY , New York - Joyful Gala

June 2017 

Featured ArtistExhibited as a Philadelphia Representative

Themed Exhibit


ART IS THE CULTURE , Philadelphia  - PART3

July 2017 

Featured Artist

Themed Exhibit

GESU SCHOOL , Philadelphia  -Painting acquisition 

July 20,2017 

Donation of the twins

Themed Exhibit

TEMPLE UNIVERSITY, Philadelphia - Media Studies and Productions Degree

August 2012 - May 2016



Signature Piece "Love"

It is a comment on love and the significant unspoken connection that is held between kindred souls. It speaks to synergy and the concept of being in love. It has a focus on the metaphysical connection of people along with the energy exchange.

If you look closely you will see the two silhouetted figures are partially in the heart. This symbolism illustrates how the piece is intended to focus on things that may matter when you are in love.

Maya Angelou

Process Painting

Outside of my immediate family one large influence for me is Maya Angelou. I feel as though we have many aligning values. I appreciated so much of her legacy. This portrait process video I did featuring her words I feel will give you a more in-depth idea as to why she is an important influence.

I’m convinced of this: Good done anywhere is good done everywhere. - #MayaAngelou #portrait #study of the Queen #motivation #goals #decorpainting #artdecor painter

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