A Drop of Black

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A Drop of Black

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The Black in the Future Collection


The “Black in the Future Collection” is intended to show the beauty in black in a way that isn’t always seen by African American and multiracial  audiences.


Saeed’s Collection is based around subjective color theory with black as a color when referring to it as “Pigment”, validating black as a color and not the absence of it; due to the fact that black as a pigment is the combination of all colors.


Saeed utilizes the vibrance of black as a social commentary on the racial and social issues prevalent in society, by revealing the different hues it embodies.


The gallery alludes to the union of society as a Hue-man race, reinforcing that all hues should be celebrated. Black was chosen as the backdrop to present to informed and less informed audiences the beauty of black in a way they may not have seen before.

He hopes to encourage, inform and empower people in order to better the world with his art.

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These prints are on high-quality museum matte grade paper.  The prints are also great for individuals looking to elevate their living space. These prints can be focal points in any room they're  placed in.