11x17 framed print Mother Earth


11x17 framed print Mother Earth

This piece "Mother Earth" is for any woman who may be in or have come from and tough space in their life and is wondering where they can find joy. It is right where you are standing, in your truth, presence, and decided purpose! Your joy is something that comes from within and expands out, because how you perceive your life shapes it. 

This piece "Mother Earth" was a request from my brother. He said, "Can you do a painting of a Powerful Black Woman." I said, "Ok." 

Then in the moments before starting the piece I thought to Myself, "What shape? What size? What height? What shade of black? Because we have powerful black women with light skin tones as well?" I went through a range of questions, then decided don't overthink the piece but keep my consideration in mind through the process. 

While creating this piece I was thinking about the concepts of mother-earth, god, women, and black women in particular. One thing that stood out to me was discussions of Africa as the birthplace of humanity, and how woman gate-keepers of life. All new life comes through a mother. All of those thoughts went into the creations in this piece. 

To speak to the strength of black women, I chose to depict mother-earth as a lean woman with a deep black skin tone. The tone is also significant in that it speaks to their connection to the earth. I want to communicate there is a beauty in being a shade reminiscent of soil. Soil, is something that world's foundation is built upon. It is amorphous. It is the cradle of life and death. It can be soft, course, firm and nurture life. 

I have come across many strong, confident, black women that are grounded and welcoming. I wanted to speak to that reality. 

The orange tone is to speak to the quote, "Joy comes in the morning" The grass upon the ground she stands on is to speak to the prosperity they can bring to places that may seem desolate. 
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"Brilliant woman: Descendent of dynasties, Mother of empires, royal-blooded, black beauty more power to you." -Saeed

These prints are on high-quality museum matte grade paper.  The prints are also great for individuals looking to elevate their living space. These prints can be focal points in any room they're placed in.